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MAWO - Modern Art Weird Observations

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This work portrays certain scenes that are interesting in their own right, but odd occurrences in general that provoke the question of why one would go looking for them. Starting off, Phallic Sunset is an otherwise-normal work with a distinctly unusual central element, which draws attention to itself by stealing attention away from the benign yellow sunsetty background. The work overall is very sharp, and has a rough texture with which the focal phallic object also contrasts, making it stand out even more. Ear Shade uses ripple wave shading to create a unique shape that is the focus of the image. The pattern on the red right side of the image, outlined in shadow, resembles a human ear, which the contours of the image and the shapes of the waves on the left side of the image draw attention to. It justifies its place in this collection by its faintness, and the oddness of focusing on an ear. Dried Droplets uses a rare archetype with no sharp lines at all, but rather soft blobs of gray floating on a dusty burple background. Some depth and shape is provided to the work by the density of the gray blobs, which increases towards the bottom but features a wide, 'creator' blob at the top, and the pink highlights that indicate the location of the light source. Enormous Glint is crisp and colorful, a burst of creativity partially obscured by an unfeeling black foreground. The lines and figures in the darknessseem to be trying to obscure or restrain the light, but it shines on nonetheless. But my personal favorite work this week is Veins to a Core, a distinctive, dark work that uses lighting and shading in a unique way to give a powerful impression. The highlighted thin lines draw magma-colored energy towards the bright yellow-red figure at one edge - a figure that lights even its blackened surroundings. Some of the dark green areas next to the black area surrounding the core appear to have been melted somewhat, which only enhances the effect of heat and power. Please enjoy!

Drawn In to Intricacy

Dried Droplets

Ear Shade

Enormous Glint

Obscure Storage

Phallic Sunset

Unmetallic Vibrance

Veins to a Core