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SMPA - Stoic Modern Pixel Art

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A fairly standard pixel art collection, these works generally portray figures that are confident and solitary, living normally. Starting off, Diagonal Bar is probably the most straightforward work in the collection, consisting of exactly what it claims. The bar is cyan, to contrast against its violet background, and has only one slight bend towards the middle. As it approaches the top-right corner, it approaches a light; perhaps, a path. Miscellaneous Cluster is entirely abstract, bearing a fairly simple composition otherwise, with a foreground consisting of two different colors, against a consistent background texture. The yellow bits of highlight against the strong magenta of the focal figure helps to solidify its structure and to give some contour and depth to a work that would otherwise lack those. Intricate Component is small and detailed, a bright light blue background increasingly speckled with yellow-green highlights towards the top of the image, all surrounding an abstract black component with a thick, strong yellow border. The intricacy of both the background and the focal item do not hinder the work's overall simplicity and straightforwardness. Staking Out in Trio is benign and concrete. The background is among the simplest of Modern Pixel Art works, and the three tall figures in the foreground all share the same general shape and highlights, while remaining distinct from each other by dint of slight irregularities between them. There is deliberately no sense of motion in this work; the three figures are waiting. But my personal favorite work this week is The Start of a Legend, an ultimately inspiring work that blends the concrete and the abstract together to become incredibly impactful. The line in the center stands strong, and from it erupts a torrent of little dots, growing stronger and spreading out as it gains distance. Please enjoy!

Diagonal Bar

Held Together Narrow

Intricate Component

Miscellaneous Cluster


Staking Out In Trio

The Start of a Legend

Upright and Constrained