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MADM - Modern Art Draconic Monsters

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This work seeks to present the magesty of dragons, the strongest and most revered of fantasy beasts. Starting off, Many-Headed Dragon, like many works in this collection, paints its dragons in black, contrasting with their colored or white surroundings. This work in particular portrays something like a hydra: the creatures's three necks and heads split off from each other towards the top-center of the image, and its scaly form continues down into a green and then red area at the bottom, and portrudes out behind. The combination of green and strong red in the background of the image underscores the might of the creature. Mister Drake uses the same compositional template, but redraws it from scratch, leaner and somewhat smoother, with a different, more refined color scheme. Here, the dragon only has one head, and gives the impression of refinedness alongside its might and authority. Defensive Installations See Use approaches dragons from the perspective of those attacked, portraying a winged beast towards the top of the image, flying down. In the meantime, pointed installations, filled solid and with sharp outlines, direct themselves towards the dragon, preparing to fire and neutralize the threat - if such is possible. Ghost Dragon's Maw is a clean and precise work of pixel art, portraying a wispy, disembodied head that mostly consists of a jaw, with fangs. The creature surges forward, no eyes in sight, just relying on its senses to find its next meal. The shading of the background, the darkness setting in slightly earlier on the left side, reinforces the sense of motion. But my personal favorite work this week is Dragon, Curled Up depicts a dragon in its own habitat, in its seat of power, curled up and waiting with all the power at its disposal. The work is sharp, and uniformly distinct, even if somewhat abstract - as befits the tremendous power of its subject. Please enjoy!

Defensive Installations See Use

Dragon, Curled Up

Ghost Dragon's Maw

Ice Monster Scours Steel

Many-Headed Dragon

Mister Drake

Monstrous Reach

Pixel Dragon