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MAPF - Modern Art Positive Feelings

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The works in this collection either exemplify positivity, or encourage it outright. To begin, Presentation of Passion is bright and active, the focus being on the background rather than on the foreground. The foreground is there, but in it is a figure pointing to, and manipulating, that background, its own reddish color preferences matching the golden orange of the background. The use of ripple-wave moire in the background helps to present this emotion effectively. Next, Wider Feelings is straightforward compositionally, but uses subtly specific shades of colors to make itself both unique and effective. The high saturation alongside high value, achieving a somewhat darkened and muted, yet still full, color palette, combine with the subtle orange-and-blue waves that permeate the planes of vertical lines, to make a welcoming impression which is cemented by the work's contours and overall shape. Lonely Wariness runs somewhat contrary to the expected themes of this collecton, portraying the negative emotion of fear and maintaining an unwelcoming, reserved color scheme. But it is simple and stoic, and confronts its own nature effectively, which is a positive message in itself. Burgeoning Civilization of Color is unexpectedly blunt with its color usage, with no borders between somewhat pastel colors that clash with each other immediately. But the work's usage of vertical lines and the way in which it fades into darkness towards the top gives a real upward momentum, an uplifting and positive tone to the entire work. A civilization growning and in progress, with plenty of time to go yet. But my personal favorite work this week is Encouragement Chain, consisting of several black blobs connected to each other in a rising contour, a belt underneath them colored in a gradient from yellow to red to blue, on a stable foundation. Despite its many elements the work manages to stay straightforward and comprehensible. Please enjoy!

Burgeoning Civilization of Color

Critical Seed

Dust for Comfort

Encouragement Chain

Lovely Wariness

Presentation of Passion

Reservoir for Emotional Security

Wider Feelings