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MALA2 - Modern Art Landscape Adventures 2

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Like MALA, this collection focuses on adventure, on landscapes, and the area in which the two ideas intersect with each other. Most directly, Adventurous Circle is a simple work, with a solid and clearly-defined background, foreground, and set of subjects. The smaller circle reaches towards the unknown, past the foreground, pulling away from the larger circle that remains grounded in the lighter yellow surface. The background is a deeper red, but since the foreground is less intense, it also seems more welcoming. Crawl and Spread is bleak, but uses its color scheme effectively, connecting the various different sections of the image together in theme by using the same shades of magenta, purple, and blue as highlgihts. These colors highlight figures in all parts of the image, furthering the game's theme. Graceful Vista is a peaceful work, relatively abstract but still understandable given its subject matter. The background of the work is faintly tinged with ripple waves, allowing a fade to a slightly brighter area near the crest of the hill. The sense of motion is such that the shadows in the work are to the rear, behind vista, and thus irrelevant. Similarly, Cliff Dock is straightforward and relaxed, with a fairly uncommon color scheme - an orangey tan. The dock and the hill are clearly made of different materials, as designated by their different colorations. The effect of the docks is further accentuated by the lighting of the background, which has slight highlights towards the right edge of the image. But my personal favorite work this week is Distant Important Mountain, a work of pixel art that escapes the typical design traps of pixel art by utilizing consistent, smooth color gradients, and curved contours. The silhouette of the mountain off in the distance is effective because of how the work's colors build up to it, culminating in an almost halo-like highlight. Please enjoy!

Abandoned Garden

Adventurous Circle

Cliff Dock

Contemplating Foundation

Crawl and Spread

Distant Important Montain

Graceful Vista

Only Half a Range