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MALA - Modern Art Landscape Adventures

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This collection focuses on the dual themes of portraying landscapes, and portraying the adventures that must be undergone to view those landscapes. Starting off, Vigilant Spring is somber and solemn, well-lit around its focal area but dark everywhere else. Shadows creep up on the spring from all directions, but a force of yellow light drives them back and away, not to threaten the new peace. Compass Points Forward is active yet not necessarily lively. The object on the left edge, many-spiked pointing in many different directions, protrudes further when pointing straight forward across the work, towards the other end of a small chasm, up a hill, just onwards. Despite the fairly reserved tone of the work as a whole, it emphasized devotion and continuous drive. Tempestuous Spire is active and wild, a tall and wide tower in the center with different paths wrapping around it every which way, providing a path. To the sides, edges of some sort of valley, and in between, a rough-textured storm, contrasted by the red sky in the distant background. Some of the black areas, with shaky edges, even resemble stormclouds. Rubeic Dozehill is somewhat of a reversal of previous "sapphiric" works, utilizing a similar texture but in red instead of in blue. Moreso than past sapphiric works, this work uses green as an emphasis in the background, with blue being only a relatively small foreground element. Otherwise, it is very structured within a fairly lumpy hill, as is standard in terms of composition. And finally of note, Explore Out, Be Unique is an elegantly simple work; light on one side, representing safety, and darkness on the other. A lone figure, darker and less confident but still resolute in the heart and mind, sets out and spears into the dark unknown to explore what lies beyond. Please enjoy!

Bleak Bluffs

Compass Points Forwards

Explore Out, Be Unique

Impressions Across the Planes

Rubeic Dozehill

Ship on a Cliff

Tempestuous Spire

Vigilant Spring