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MAST - Modern Art Surveying Tools

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In this collection are either depicted tools used to survey, or surveys taken with tools, or abstract related concepts - as per usual. The most blatant work is Surveillance Cameras, which displays four disparate sections taken by those cameras on the left two-thirds, and an example of one on the right, perhaps pointed towards the user. The color and textures of each section differ significantly, which helps to differentiate each screen in an effective way without being jarring or feeling out of place. Next, Tapping Deposits is sparse of color aside from the main titular mines - an abrupt depression into the white landmass, beginning a sprawling tunnel system with rooms full of ore and of technology, resources to be plundered. In the inky blackness outside, faint instruments monitor or observe the area around. Hue Storage uses a shadow-blob archetype, but instead of personifying the shadow tubes, it instead uses them as barriers to close off a dark, richly-textured area. Embedded in this area is color, a faint transition from blue through green to red, all indistinct in comparison to the blatant violet and white outside. Compressed, and stored for later use. Using Tools to Fix the Lights is complicated and abstract, and its color is contained mostly in its outlines to make them more effective and eye-catching. The exception is the light in the upper-right corner; sliver figures direct themselves towards it, climbing over each other - or is it the black figures, and silver is the background? The composition of the work is such that it is more difficult to differentiate, presenting a challenge to the viewer. But my personal favorite work this week is Breaking the Bottom, a yellow-centric work that uses the color both in the foreground, as flavor, and in the background, as a marker for target and dither-faded into by rough orange surroundings. Just at the interior, the central destination, is a central nexus reaching out all around, the resource that is the ultimate target of the endeavor. The work's overall color scheme helps to instill the impression of the energy with which this job is carried out. Please enjoy!

Breaking the Bottom

Hue Storage

Ignoring the Expanse

Jammed Clamp

Surveillance Cameras

Tapping Deposits

Using Tools to Fix the Lights

Zig-Zagging Strike