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UIMA - Unknown Incomprehensible Modern Art

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This is one of those collections that has a bunch of abstract works, difficult to necessarily describe; of those works that are more concrete, they are those that depict incomprehensible or unknown subjects. The first notable work, however, is the exact opposite of this: REPORT SUSPICIOUS EMAILS, which is one of the only works in this entire gallery that contains actual text. The words are burned in, and to an extent caged behind bars in a fading container. And yet, they burn still strongly, conveying an important message that must not be neglected, even if the infrastructure around them disintegrates. Overall, this work is a tongue-in-cheek joke, on multiple levels. Another concrete work is A Creature of Fears, using extremely jagged, dripping borders of a pitch-black interior, lined with hypersaturated blue and violet spikes to outline an eldritch creature. The general contour of the image gives the impression that the creature is moving, but as for where, it cannot be known - its destination is out of the frame. There are no obstacles; the vertical lines in the midground and the horizontal lines in the distant gray background are far behind it. Deep Under Aqua is abstract, its name referring to its color more than to any other aspect. Aquamarine, in particular, is the color of the background, and it is darkened as though to give the impression of depth. Within the central figure, a peculiar shading style mixing dithering and tissue shading conveys a faint wave, and shows the location of the light source outside the frame. There isn't a distinct message here. Nor is there in Downture, a work entirely characterized by violet and blue. There is a textural difference between the foreground and the background, and despite the slightly vertical texture of the background, it helps to accent and improve the effectiveness of the horizontal bars that arrange the various colors in the background. By comparison, the foreground is smooth, using a pink that isn't reflected much in the background but for a few small lines. But my personal favorite work this week is The Most Important Point, an abstract-concrete work that gives no background and no explanation but yet is instantly comprehensible. The contours and colors of the work all draw towards the single point, cracks opening up as the distance gets closer and strange green strokes clustering around. This point is depicted simply as the center of the universe, as all that is important, and as for why - who knows? Please enjoy!

A Creature of Fears

Absentminded Scuffs

Another Tower's Skeleton

Deep Under Aqua


Ephemeral vs Concrete


The Most Important Point