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RWMA3 - Ripple Wave Modern Art 3

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Like its two predecessors, this collection focuses entirely on the Ripple Wave archetype - works that focus on it, and use it to evoke a unique set of impressions. Starting off, Ripple Wave of Degeneration is a perfect example of ripple waves in action, imbuing a sense of motion while facilitating a contour of many individual particles, of alternating colors. The currents and gradients inherent in the waves shape the impressions of the work; in this case, towards the right the borders start to break down and the green color starts to fade, becoming more sickly. Damaging Left Impressions uses a ripple wave in a monochrome red, leaning into feelings of passion and intensity, giving depth and direction to a gradient from bright to dark. The contrast between the smooth, cohesive, red left side of the work against the bright, confusing right edge emphasizes the disparity in emotion that is the point of the work. Bird Egg as a Wave is smooth and composed, and actually fairly concrete - a small bird made of blackness sits on top of a round-contourd construction beneath it. The vertical lines and cracks in the image don't correspond directly to the shape outlined by ripple waves, of an egg that is incubating; but the coloration of the waves contributes to the impression of nurturing and growing. Wave-Bodied Egret is bright and colorful, putting somewhat less emphasis on the ripple waves themselves and instead focusing on using them to provide an interesting texture and color pattern. The bird's head pokes out the front, its beak rising high in the air, as its wings unfurl to either side - a magestic creature. But my personal favorite work this week is Under Fountain, a blue and violet work that focuses on pure color, contrasting them in the bottom part and mixing them together on top, the contours of the ripple wave extending from one to the other. The texture facilitates sharpness and a very deliberate texture, which accentuates the colors themselves. Please enjoy!

Bird Egg as a Wave

Damaging Left Impressions

Opening Struck Through

Ripple Wave With Feeling

Ripple Wave of Degeneration


Wave-Bodied Egret

Waved Wave