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MAAI - Modern Art Abstract Impressions

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Another abstract collection, these works have unclear subjects or unclear meanings, but still impart strong impressions one way or another. Starting off, Blank Canvas is a very joking work; on the surface, it isn't abstract at all, being exactly what it claims to be. Nothing special at all, just a blank white canvas, shaded somewhat towards the bottom-right corner. But what does that canvas imply? Such is the true aim of Modern Art, to pose such questions. More conventionally, Faint Fainted Impression also lives up to its name, but is to a degree concrete. Its form is easier to see from far away, the closer view being impeded somewhat by the grainy texture and noise. Once the impression is grasped, the true question behind the work arises: an impression of what, exactly? Keeper of Complexity is moreso without meaning at all; the actual defined figure in the work is very thin, dismissive, uninvolved. It is concerned with the background, a rough, digital expanse of crisscrossing lines, constantly, information everywhere, a form so complex it cannot be unraveled or rebuilt. Yet, it is, for the most part, organized - for now. Tear Stains is truly abstract. Its title points to an interpretation for some of the cyan areas on the main part of the work, but as for the red background that contrasts with the blue and cyan areas of the foreground, and the differences in texture between that background and the foreground, are left without explanation. The areas of black space are similar, deemphasized and illuminating nothing. But my personal favorite work this week is Playing Catch with Colors, a surprisingly concrete work that just revels in its usage of shading and texture. The discarded colors litter both sides of the exchange between the figures at the bottom-left and top-right, with the main playing space cleared of color and left a static gray - awaiting the soak of color that is inevitably to come. Please enjoy!

A Sighing Fade

Blank Canvas

Distant Star-Crown

Faint Fainted Impression

Keeper of Complexity

Playing Catch with Colors

Relief Past Twirl

Tear Stains