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SIPA - Small Item Pixel Art

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The subjects of these works are small, only composed of a few pixels and only occupying a small space. Starting off, Kids' Toy Tower uses the gooey presentation of very close-scale modern art, keeping a border of blank space between the central subject and the flecked background. The tower in question is hollow, composed of mostly a foundation, and very colorful in comparison to its surroundings - just like children's plastic building blocks would be able to construct. Fresh Bloodstains features a wider view, and keeps its subjects very simple. Though individually, and close-up, they might be complex, with flecks of dirt and yellow dots and jagged borders, the substance is simply a solid red color that draws attention thanks to the almost entirely blank white background. Miscellaneous Erotic Tools is suggestive in its subject matter, if not its composition overall. In terms of color, the pink background is as close as possible to a romantic shade, and the somewhat pale yellow of each tool's outlines contrasts with that background. Each tool is distinct, though describing each of them individually would be inappropriate. Willful Wisp is straightforwad and mainly bichromatic, a wispy figure of light against a speckled background of darkness. The pale green of the subject, a flame of will, is partly a reference and partly to provide genuine substance in a world that is dim and hopeless. But my personal favorite work this week is Patch in the Code, a generally dark work which uses a brilliant contrast between pure black and just dark red, emphasizing the regular patterns of pixels in the background to imply color while sectioning off the blackness with a continuous, strong border. Compositionally, the work is excellent and extremely cohesive. Please enjoy!

Blent-In Fish

Fresh Bloodstains

Kids' Toy Tower

Line Shepherds

Miscellaneous Erotic Tools

Patch in the Code

Phone Off the Hook

Prop Arrow

Splash of Slime


Willful Wisp