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MASD - Modern Art Strengthful Displays

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This collection's title is straightforward, but displays of strength does not necessarily have to mean raw physical strength; ultimately, strength comes in many forms, several of which are represented here. Starting off, In Control and Moving Forward is simple and straightforward, the figure of interest represented in black towards the top of the image. That figure grapples a much larger thing beneath it, colored orange and yellow for its energy, and guides it away from the blue background. Next, Determination from the Weak portrays a thin, scrawny subject towards the bottom of the work, looking into a wide, unwelcoming world with delicately shaded patterns and a rough digital texture. But the figure is undeterred, pulling itself up and proceeding with its trength no matter what - it shows strength of will. Burly Bicep is simple in composition, and relatively concrete as Modern Art goes. The only real use of color in the work is the aura of cyan at the end of the fist, signifying the item that is being lifted by the figure on top, whose bicep is so burly. The arm is somewhat oddly-shaped; as much strength as it displays, it might not be properly trained, even so. All-Knowing Rune showcases entirely non-physical power; the rune in the center of the work, a group of bright lines, is surrounded by fading colors from all directions. Figures either protecting the rune's power, or coming for its wisdom; overall, the structure of the image draws attention specifically to the rune in the center, emphasizing its power, while none of the surrounding colors are intrusive enough to steal that attention. But my personal favorite work this week is Causes of Fractures, a uniformly scratched work with three main focal points, each emanating a different color of light on the broken surroundings. The titular cause of the fractures seen all over the work is not entirely clear; are these three entities searching for it, or are they the cause? The interpretation is left up to the viewer. Please enjoy!

All-Knowing Rune

Angry Dress

Banner and Guest

Burly Bicep

Causes of Fractures

Determination from the Weak

Guarding All in Shadow

In Control and Moving Forward