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The theme this week is quite evident, though not all works are tied tightly to it. This collection was in the making for a while, and was difficult to construct cohesively, so thin or tenuous lines of connection are present in some works. But Cupspoon is not one of those works; it is deliberately constructed, with a particular dip and an ambiguity of form that gives it the possibility of being either a cup or a spoon - or both, as perhaps one might call a measuring cup. Similarly, Baked and Smoky recalls the atmosphere of a kitchen, if not necessarily the form - its otherwise-black background is covered in a faint orange haze of smoke, matching the shade of the foreground. The vertical gray surface is textured in such a way as to imply it is emanating some of this smoke, keeping the work overall cohesive. Big Black Heart is a positive work, contrary to the impressions that might be given by its name and color scheme. The warmth of the heart, which only happens to be black, is emphasized by the red and yellow of the background, and the warm streak of magenta in the little pit next to the big black heart. The vertical lines help to add both depth and stability to the work, where they are present. Distracted Furnacer is abstract, using clashing colors right next to each other and maintaining multiple layers of convoluted overlap and erratic movement and contours. The many vertical lines, and the red structures towards the bottom of the image, imply upwards, rising, motion, and the overall red color scheme that contrasts the cyan implies the heat that makes this work fit into its collection. But my favorite work this week, even if it's not directly related to the collection's theme, is Digital Disintegration, a fascinating work in terms of composition and form, depicting layers of digital, rectangular, blocky particles, progressively getting bigger and bigger and more spread out as they radiate away from whatever source at the top of the image generates them. An overall simple work, and straightforward, yet still thought-provoking and full of a great amount of potential. Please enjoy!

Baked and Smoky

Big Black Heart


Digital Disintegration

Distilled Light

Distracted Furnacer

Jumbled Grillbars

Rise Dust