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CMPA - Concrete Modern Pixel Art

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These works of pixel art are less small than most pixel art collections, and with that larger scale comes greater ideas of concreteness and solid, understandable subjects. Starting off, Maw consists of a dark, deep black circle, its border dripping with ichor or juices, the background maintaining a similar color composition but standing out less. The circle is squashed, its top wider than its bottom, which makes it look like a wide-open, scarily so, mouth. Series of Bridges is straightforward, a deep purple background contrasted with lime-green elelments in the foreground, built out of tiny dots, small blobs connected by very thin lines. The form of the bridges may be somewhat abstract, but the idea is sufficiently concrete. A Fruit is as simple as it gets, an elongated black oval tinged in a yellow aura against a light violet background. The texture of the work is fairly standard as well, not distracting from it explicitly. From just off-frame, something spears into the fruit, perhaps trying to suck out its delicious juices. Swarm Out depicts a dark, fairly innocuous hive at the top of the image, and a stream of tiny bugs swarming out of it, so close together that they are indistinguishable individually. The way that the swarm seems to increase in width as it gets farther away helps to impart some much-needed depth to this work of pixel art. And finally of note, Gator Mouth is rotated upwards, as though an alligator or crocodile, or some other creature with fangs like these, is spearing out of the water to grab something - except, only the head is shown here. The teeth inside are jagged, contrasting against the consistent background and the smooth surface of the gator's head, and thus making a strong impression. Please enjoy!

A Fruit

Car Skeleton

Gator Mouth

King Otter


Series of Bridges

Swarm Out

Valiant, Stoic, Proud