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MAWS - Modern Art Worn Surfaces

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Overall, this collection is very straightforward - rough textures, and portraying surfaces with holes or difficult rough textures. A good example is Metallic Roughness, an almost monochrome work with the tint of a metal but the rough digital texture of the roughest Modern Art. Especially towards the left side of the image, faint but close-together vertical lines give an even more metallic impression, as though representing the folds and cast. Too-Wide Etches is overall very light and reflective, but with a sharpened texture. Just beneath the reflective surface are dark spots, carvings into the surface that give it motion and personality. Many Vertical Lines is somewhat of an outlier, given the entire work is just one surface, but at the same time. It resembles Line Art, a very old work, but is like a more modern interpretation - not that, given its simpliity, that's saying much. Leaks Through Cracks is fairly colorful, especially in comparison to the rest of the collection, but it's damaged - the contours and cracks make the surface uneven, as is indicated by the differences in lighting and shading, and the leaks are represented by a radiant blue or a dull, foreboding teal, where holes have arisen or some sort of acid has melted through. And finally of note, Shatter Spreadout is a grainy take on a red-and-blue dichotomy, the activity starting on the very right, where it billows out most actively, and spreading quickly towards the right. The blue holds out valiantly, but the red consumes it all with no sign of stopping. Please enjoy!

Leaks Through Cracks

Many Vertical Lines

Metallic Roughness

Rough Ice Wall

Shatter Spreadout

Small Smooth, Big Rough

Too-Wide Etches

Well-Used Mattress