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MABW2 - Modern Art Builder's Workshop

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A workshop is a place where things are built, where building takes place, where tools are used. A place of hard work and of creation. These works are meant to represent that. Starting off, Odd Tool is a strange work, an area of light red that sticks out oddly against the black background with its soft lights and cracks. Those cracks, however, are evidence that, whatever type of tool this is, it works, one way or another. High Shelf is somewhat abstract, yet straightforward: color is the predominant marker for differentiating between the different parts of this work. The object on the high shelf has its location designated by a cluster of vertical lines, and a figure below reaches for it with a long, long arm. Sectioning Off Waves is a subtle Ripple Wave-focused work, the right side totally filled with energy and waves, and the left side filled with intricacy, technology, and smaller waves that have bled through the barrier between them. The slope of the left side of the work implies motion on the part of the black figure towards the top. Wrapping Up Diagonally is unusual in its color usage, filling the parts that might otherwise be white with short yet fat vertical lines of various colors - pink, cyan, green, and a sunken, saturated gray. The hodgepodge gives the impression of bent light, alluding to a transparent surface on that interior; as does the distinction between the smooth upper-right side of the work and the shaded, textured lower-left. And finally of note, Amateurish Fence is powerfully yellow, full of life and excitement, even as the achievement presented by the small black figure in the lower-left corner is underwhelming. It emphasizes that all accomplishments should be celebrated, even those that may not seem significant to masters of their crafts. Please enjoy!

Amateurish Fence

Bulbs in a Dim Environment

High Shelf

Making Up the Edges

Odd Tool

Ruined Optimism

Sectioning Off Waves

Wrapping Up Diagonally