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MAEW - Modern Art Exploring War

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As with several of the last few collections, the focus this time around is on two things: exploration, and war, and the intersection between them. Starting off, Putting Up a Tent is an interesting work with a familiar, blobby-black-creature style. This time, the figures are putting up a tent, denoted by the triangular area of blue-violet with a somewhat rough texture. Beyond that tent, the rest of the background is difficult to interpret, but in general it seems hostile, like wilderness - the shelter is necessary. Slatted Wall is straightforward, with three main defined areas and a multitextured and multicolored central middle area. The natural vertical bars within this area, separating color from color, provide a strong foundation for the wall which they hold up, and the generally green tint gives the impression of age, while flecks of dust and grime indicate longstanding stability. Leader of Prayer has an interesting light yellow color, and uses symmetry in its wide open stance to be more effective and reach out further to more people, in a way that many other works with similar archetypes fail to do. Turbine Invaders is the brightest work in this collection, awash with vibrant color quickly being siphoned away by the black invaders coming from the left. Many layers of turbines are represented here, with defensive mechanisms in place towards the end of the line, but they have yet to see use. But my personal favorite work this week is Explorers of Various Origins, a bright yet black work focusing on a contrast between blue-purple and red. Several different styles of creature congregate all at their own parts of the work's edges, looking towards the center; alien explorers of unique origins, all united (perhaps even against each other) with the same goal. Please enjoy!

Explorers of Various Origins

I Own All Of This

Leader of Prayer

Putting Up a Tent

Slatted Wall

Tired Outview

Turbine Invaders

Unsure Wariguard