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MALE - Modern Art Learning Experiences

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As its title implies, the works in this collection emphasize experiences which can be learnt from, whether those are positive or negative. Starting off, Always Larger Bugs portrays a smaller bug manuvering around a larger bug beneath it. And above it, an even slightly smaller bug. The work provides a frame, many contours, for them to crawl about through, using both lines and colors to differentiate the foreground from the background. Busted Wheel is an interesting combination of colors, with a red foreground, a green background, and an in-between cyan bridging the division in between. The white structure spikes up slightly to the right side of the image, and perhaps was the cause of the red wheel having broken. The horizontal lines between, then, point towards past motion. Emotional Turmoil uses the conflict between red and green, as well as overlapping horizontal lines, vertical lines, and curved cracks, to create an unsettling, tumultuous atmosphere. The various components of the work are individually stable, but the work as a whole is not, and leverages that to be effective. Intestinal Diagram uses an extremely odd color combination, combined with black negative space, to create some sort of cross-sectional diagram. To which organism exactly this diagram pertains is unclear, but the the mouth is identifiably towards the left, and the end of the intenstinal tract is in the top-right. And finally of note, Double Split Experiment is an interpretation of a famous quantum physics experiment. The two slits are represented by the two planes, not quite parallel, on the left side of the image, whereas the lines created are towards the right side, against a bluish-gray background. Compositionally, the work is fairly concrete in terms of what it's trying to do, as well as crisp and sharp. Please enjoy!

Always Larger Bugs

Arc of Toil

Big Pillars, Wide world

Busted Wheel

Double Slit Experiment

Emotional Turmoil

Intestinal Diagram

Mass Temperature Measurement