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EAMA - Explorative Adventure Modern Art

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The themes of this collection are exploration and adventure. Starting off, The Bottom's Down There Somewhere is a fairly straightforward, multilayered work. A cliff faces towards the viewer, with another elevated later beyond it, looking down. Vertical lines stream forward, falling off of the cliff, and from the bottom comes a light. But that place cannot be seen from our vantage point, leaving it a mystery. Offered Options is fairly traditional in form, with depth and orientation established by what appears to be overlapping planes sticking out from a central figure. Here, these planes are cast as options, as paths to take for possible new experiences or directions. A Hill Into Which to Carve is another traditional archetype, a big hill towards one edge with a black figure at the top. But there are elements of the image sticking into the hill, providing paths and direction. Carving, mining, into new environments fits the collection's themes of exploration. Swim Through Strums is a dark work, highlighted vertical lines providing most of the light and figures made distinct only by the shadows they cast. Considering the vertical lines here as strings, the figure towards the top-left navigates through them, plucking and strumming on its way. But my personal favorite work this week is Brisk Mist, an elegant and simple work, somewhat ephemereal and blurry, seeming to echo or shadow itself. The soft cyan color reinforces the work's atmosphere of utter calmness, while its color gives an impression of coolness, which further reinforces that mood. Please enjoy!

A Hill Into Which to Carve

Brisk Mist

Creativity With a Single Tentacle

Endown In Guard

Offered Options

Survey Basis

Swim Through Strums

The Bottom's Down There Somewhere