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MPAJ - Modern Pixel Art Journey

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This is a traditional modern pixel art collection, sharing a theme and likely sharing a source. Be Silent, Be Prepared is simple and straightforward in its composition, a tall and stoic object made distinct by its extra solidness compared to its background. The title is a reference to Theodore Roosevelt's old saying, "speak softly and carry a big stick". Next, Cleft in the Wall is consistent and tightly organized, a wall built out of colorful pixels and topped with a continuous, smooth line. But a giant gash in the wall is emphasized by the total lack of color seen through it, and slight clusters of pixels floating in the gap. Perspective Rafts depicts typical full-black silhouettes, set against a colorful and saturated background, with a fade from a sparse, darker green-red alternation to a more homogeneous, full violet. The transition gives a sense of motion, and the shapes of the silhouettes combine with that to make them resemble rafts in particular. Green Strip is the most simplistic work in this collection, being precisely what it claims to be, a thin green line segment against a white, slightly cyan-speckled, background. Yet, the slight aberrations above and below that green strip help to do away with the utter simplicity and add interesting elements that keep the work thought-provoking. But my personal favorite work is Candlelance, which depicts the head of a spear. A named spear, for its flair and its appearance while in use, like the flame of a candle. The color tone and gradient of the background helps with this impression - subtle, but regal and powerful in its color, while still showing restraint. Please enjoy!

Be Silent, Be Prepared

Bright Bridges

Brothers of Tide and Current


Cleft In the Wall

Green Strip

In Speed

Muddied Greenscreen

Perspective Rafts