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MAEH - Modern Art Emotional Horror

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The theme of this collection is predominantly emotional. Horror is a surprisingly broad classification, given it can range from the literal to the mental or eldritch. Starting off, Utter Despair and Revulsion is a facial expression made into a work. The figure in black towards the bottom has a few parts: a horrified frown, a pair of eyes, and a pair of appendages. It points towards the right side of the work, something that isn't visible. Probably a good thing, based on how it seems to be reacting. Lines in the Dark represents a somewhat more typical type of horror, closer to outright fear of the unknown. The background of the work is pitch black, crossed by thin, blood-red horizontal lines, which are counterbalanced only by the more colorful vertical lines of the foreground. A figure towards the left seems to be trying to make headway in approaching this darkness, which is perhaps optimistic. Quick Gone Crazy is frenetic and insane, blending two colors and one absence in a way that resembles structure from afar but has none from nearby. The organizaton of yellow, orange, and green against a pale gray background is undercut by the inconsistent dithering, drops of one color's paint mixing with other colors in an uncontrolled disaster. Despite that, the work maintains a sense of energy, tension, and momentum, largely thanks to its color scheme. Decipher Chaos is sinister, and relatively concrete. A less saturated red, the work draws attention inwards to the a point of darkness, which is unclear. Is it a figure, with limbs that stick outwards and obscure the vertical lines leading to it? Or is it an opening to a dimension of chaos, spreading outwards and encompassing the otherwise-ordered world? But my personal favorite work this week is Horrified Whale, the single best reaction image that this gallery ever has produced, or likely will ever produce. It is elegance in simplicity, personified. Please enjoy!

Chill Too High

Decipher Chaos


Horrified Whale

Lines in the Dark

Quick Gone Crazy


Utter Despair and Revulsion