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CWMA - Cautious Wary Modern Art

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First of note in this collection is Fear Conquering, a stark work with two vivid colors, magenta clashing with blue. But what really makes this work unique is the way the lines are uncertain, jittery, doubled. And yet, the direction of movement is to the right, continuing despite the emotions implied - or perhaps the opposite interpretation is more fitting. In contrast, A Cave of Sympathy is a pleasantly calm work, with a vivid blue-purple background dithering into a foreground of part white and part black.there's a bit of an overhang, its mouth guarded by vertical lines, and the inside of this cave expands into more vivid and lighter color. Lonely Columns of Remembrance is principally black, empty, but for the vertical lines of vivid color that add some illumination. In their isolation, they gain more significance, so as to represent the work's title. Careful Ways can be interpreted either literally or figuratively, with 'Ways' as a noun or an adjective. Which one jumps out at you might depend on how you see the direction of movement. Are the areas of absence - black tubes that obscure the vertical lines behind them - safe passages, or are they arms for arranging the environment? And finally of note, Underwayer Hermitage is a serene work with a beautiful darkened cyan color scheme, bearing down upon gentle curves and soothing black bubbles above gentle yellow sand. The general coloration and contours of the work, despite the overall darkness, leave it feeling positive and calm, for an overall unique experience. Please enjoy!

A Cave of Sympathy

Careful Ways

Fear Conquering

Guarded By Mother Earth

Lonely Columns of Remembrance

Scrape or Cradle

Storage Structure

Underwater Hermitage