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BIMA - Brave Incautious Modern Art

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Starting off this wee, Flamboyant Traveler is an expressive work, with its feature character front and center. The silhouette is dynamic and active, with a clear sense of motion to the right, streaks of vertical lines trailing in its wake, along with a cape. Meanwhile, the subject's arms are spread open, inviting what's forward even as it travels towards it. Wondrous Semaphore is colorful and simplistic in design. A figure in the lower left lifts a flag, with green fading into red. The work's title chooses to take this as a signal to the viewer, or beyond. Ignoring Possibilities displays closed-mindedness - the background in the left half of the image is colorful yet dull, with lots of potential, but it is blocked off from the darkness on the right half of the image. The controller, in the top-right, does not seem receptive, ignoring and denying the color. Manyblade portrays a central figure grasping many blades - a long, thick, and curved one in the top left, a straight and shorter one on the left, another curved one in the bottom-left, and a series of smaller blades on the right side. The lighting of the picture helps to draw attention to and provide character for this central figure, as does the strong color, design, and contour of the top of the image. But my personal favorite work this week is Fully Open Door, a straightforward work with a surprisingly expansive, yet constrained, color palette. The elliptical ripple wave superimposed on the 'door' gives it much character, and contrasts effectively with the blackness of the doorway - while the left and right edges, with their horizontal lines, maintain enough distinction and identity to appear continuous despite the interruption that is the doorway. Please enjoy!

A Radiant Distraction

Flamboyant Traveler

Fully Open Door

Ignoring Possibilities


Simple Cliff

Twist of Good

Wondrous Semaphore