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SFMA - Secure Feeling Modern Art

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This collection is secure and wholesome, overall. Starting right off, Fishing is a relaxed, low-energy work which is easy to make out from its contours - a figure sits, holding a fishing rod whose end dissolves into a forest of vertical lines towards the right side of the image. The generally muted color palette in this work gives it a very calm feel. Sharing Color is also very calm, with its welcoming aura coming from its incorporation of an entire rainbow's worth of colors, but gradually fading into each other so as not to be too high-energy or threatening. Contrasting the colorful background is a black foreground peppered with the occasional vertical line of vibrant color. Layered Banners is a methodical, low-pressure work which uses mostly shapes to contrast the different 'banners' from each other, along with colors. There may be seen to be three layers - the white background, the red-and-green on top of it, and then the gray to the left side of the image. However, the work leaves room for interpretation in either direction. Absorption gives off an aura of ambition, a pervasive and universal sense of movement towards the center-right side of the image, pulling in everything and glowing with the resulting power. The sparseness of the left side of the work, combined with the disorganized exterior, helps contribute to this impression. But my personal favorite work this week is An Angel's Projection, a colorful and domineering work with multiple layers - in particular, the dark spot in the center of the figure within which is a smaller, much brighter point, controlling the whole. Please enjoy!


An Angel's Projection


Grounded Fairy

In One's Place of Power

Layered Banners

Misshapen Hand

Sharing Color