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MASC - Modern Art Strange Comforts

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This collection may be as close as this gallery ever gets to work-unsafe, focusing on things that, while perhaps unsettling, may also provide comfort somehow. Starting off, Sickle Blade is a straightforward work of pixel art, a smooth curve on the outside but a jagged one on the inside, fluctuating in width. The highlighting on the outside of the curve helps to give an impression of movement and direction. Insertion Device is a very suggestive work that deserves to be brought to attention for its own merits but which I will decline to describe in further detail. Bottom Bloom is only marginally less suggestive, displaying two blobby masses towards the top, from between which hangs a smaller blob below. While the work is quite dark overall, the darkness has a colored tint which helps to provide feeling and direction to the work. Fine Unwoven Grid is a relatively standard work with its horizontal and vertical lines meeting in the corner, but the ripple wave meeting towards the top of the image gives it some more identity and a more solid definition. The overall direction of the work makes it seem as though the two directions of lines are coming together, and have already done so across most of the image. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Heart, an extremely simple but extremely heartwarming work which simply consists of a heart-shaped depression on a soft pink background. Please enjoy!

A Snake's Contemplation

Bottom Bloom


Fine Unwoven Grid



Insertion Device

Sickle Blade