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FFMA - Frightful Feeling Modern Art

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The most emblematic work of this collection's theme, perhaps, is Deicide, a hectic and frenetic work with a lot of motion in different directions. The vertical and horizontal lines do a lot of work here, as does the sudden and stark shift from pink to gray - read from left to right, the image dials down in activity, which carries unsettling implications. Similarly ominous is A Cry Out, a work in silhouette of a reclining figure, crying out. The sound is characterized in vertical lines and then waves, with the remaining emotional context of the work filled in by the horizontal lines and the general contours of the work. But on a lighter note, Strike Out Towards the Sunset is a pleasant and relatively optimistic work of pixel art, with many colors in the background but shade settling down from the top of the image, and the colors growing duller towards the right edge as the line of black pixels becomes ever-thinner. Whether this is the trail or the head of the journey is left to the viewer's interpretation of the direction of movement in this image. Hazebreak is a similarly relaxing work, and very straightforward, with a beautiful cyan mass gently impacting a curved black barrier, rolling off. The density of the haze varies across the image, giving it some figurative depth. And finally of note, Evil Hang is a work of abstract art in a sinister color - a deep red, complimented and shadowed by black. The two meet in the middle of the image, waving together, the blackness flowing in from the left and funneling in and being processed on the right. There's much room for interpretation here. Please enjoy!

A Cry Out


Evil Hang

Extremely Organized

Grains of Hue


Jungle Hiders

Strike Out Torwards the Sunset