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MAMB - Modern Art Mood Boost

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This collection strives for bright, low-pressure, less intense works. Starting right off, Artificial Greenery is bright and green, accented by jet black bars through much of the top half of the image. While its composition isn't particularly noteworthy, it does a good job of keeping its supporting colors in that supporting role, complementing its overall vibe. Low Energy is a calming and laid-back work in blue and pink - mostly pink. It's a bit desaturated, which is where its name comes from, along with the main black object seeming like it's in a reclining posture; but alongside that low energy, the work is overall very relaxing, with little sense of motion and thus a string feel of stability. Feeding the Beluga is kind of a silly work, of the genre where the black negative space is meant to draw out the subject. In this case, the little bright patch on the right side is the eye of the creature, and the contour of its wide open mouth, along with the little interjection of a blue background towards the upper-middle-left, implies that the right part of the picture portrays an entirely separate figure, interacting. Bubble-Claiming is a strong and confident work, which takes a common yet interpretive compositional archetype and uses it as a backdrop for a different scene - the figure on the far left, holding out one arm to present several bubbles floating up towards the center. The difference in color makes the horizontal lines in the background seem like they're much further away than the white vertically-grained area in the foreground, giving the work some visual depth. But my personal favorite work this week is Rising of a Phoenix, a successor to the lineage of one of my absolute favorite work archetypes, begun by Lightning Birds. In this case, the element is not electricity, but fire - the work as a whole has an energetic orange-red palette, with expanding cones of vertical lines opening up in many different directions to give the impression of swirling, heated air. But the main subject of the work is on the right side, rising up from ashes and sparks in an intricate lattice of cracks, its movement accentuated both by contours and by the rusty red vertical bars, made up of tiny red vertical lines. Please enjoy!

Artificial Greenery


Feeding the Beluga

Feigning Maturity

Low Energy

Raising Medals

Ripple Refraction

Rising of a Phoenix