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MASV - Modern Art Scenic Views

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In addition to focusing on wider views and landscapes, several works in this collection call back to previous notable works. Sapphiric Spires calls back to Sapphiric Magesty and Sapphiric Rule, with similar color schemes and texturing styles, especially on the titular spires. Some of the spires are connected with each other, with translucent lines over the flat red background; that, and the saturation of the various spires, provides some sense of depth. Similarly, Venerean Cliff Face calls back to Venerean Landscape, with a similar color scheme and level of apparent heat - it's another scene on the same planet, with the same level of partial hopelessness. The cliff here is inlain with vertical lines, consistent and stoic, but that they are necessary speaks to the bleakness of its integrity. With a similar theme, Martian Tempest depicts another planet. It's rather dark, emphasizing small clouds of dust catching what light there is while floating around, doubtless spurred on by strong winds or storms. The large structure at the left side of the image may be a stone monument or mountain, standing stoic against the tempest. Green Viewing Screen takes a somewhat tongue-in-cheek approach to reflecting the collection's name; it's a theater, a flat screen for viewing scenes, well-organized and well-defined by strong, stable black borders. The fade from green into orange around that screen's edges helps to make the screen feel like it has power and just isn't showing anything at the moment, as opposed to being broken. But my personal favorite work this week is Candle-Like Light Wisp, an understated, somewhat less saturated work that uses its shading as its high point. The focus is the spot of yellow amidst the dark gray, ephemeral and transient like a candle flame, yet providing enough light to illuminate the figure to the right. Please enjoy!

Barren Area

Candle-Like Light Wisp

Cliffs and Shores

Colors of Tinted Sunlight

Fractures and Fireworks

Green Viewing Screen

Martian Tempest

Sapphiric Spires

Venerean Cliff Face