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WVMA - Wide Vantage Modern Art

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This collection focuses on landscape works with a wide field of view. Starting right off, Shallow Hill is a relatively understated collection of black blobs towards the bottom of the image, against a wavy yellow sky. The work in general draws attention to where the ripple waves coalesce with the most color. Examining Globe is a loud and intensely colorful work with a ripple wave running right through it. The work's title refers specifically to the blue hemisphere in the center of the image, with the examination of that globe coming from both the black figure in the top-right corner and the waves washing through the image in its entirety. Venue for Confluence is vibrant and colorful, and the violet comprising the lower-left quadrant of the image is an effective mix of the cyan background, the blue foreground, and the bit of red at the right edge, all coming together in the mass of vertical lines. Meanwhile, the vast diversity of colors within that cluster of vertical lines keeps the work feeling varied and interesting, and the many horizontal linges give the work a sense of movement. Horizon from Hill is a stark yet calm work, mixing a soft cyan with a more tense dark aqua color, and using a grayish white as a separator. The slight discontinuities in horizontal lines, and the general variety of lines instersecting and overlapping, give the work a sense of activity even if there is no sense of actual motion, which produces a unique atmosphere overall. But my personal favorite work this week is Fountainous Outrise, for its unique outwards motion and ability to balance lack of color with vibrance even so. The contrast between the background and the foreground, with the metallic sheen of the background and the complete lack of that in the foreground, is especially effective. Please enjoy!

Examining Globe

Fountainous Outrise

Horizon from Hill


Mountains in the Reversed Distance

One-Facing Vigil

Shallow Hill

Venue for Confluence