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FDMA10 - Full Digital Modern Art 10

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It was only a matter of time before this series finally became the first to reach its 10th entry. Like the other Full Digital Modern Art collections (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9), each work in this collection was sourced from the same malfunctioning monitor, rapidly switching patterns. Starting off, The Writing Between the Lines gives a good general impression of the composition to be expected from works in this collection, having a good balance of thick and thin horizontal bars, focusing on a primary color of magenta and a secondary, contrasting color of blue. Individually, this work takes its theme somewhat literally, its title emphasizing the areas between the center few pink bars where the stronger strokes and more hazy background give the impression of text of some sort. In contrast, Colored Lines is delightfully minimalist. It's exactly what its title says it is - six thin, horizontal lines against a jet black background. This is one of those works that is elegant in its simplicity. Inkblotted Weave stands out among the rest of the works in its collection by its color scheme, a rich orange with some contrasting gray. A digital texture overlays much of the work, with its title implying that the darker areas towards the left and right edges are blemishes on an otherwise-cohesive canvas; but they do complement the color scheme well. But my personal favorite work this week is Darkening, a straightforward work that puts a lot of effort into its coloration and shading. The transition from bright magenta to dark blue across the middle of the work is well-executed, and accentuated by the dark horizontal bars that punctuate the image, as well as by the more consistent light blue borders on the top and bottom, giving it more stability. Despite its simplicity, this work shows strong composition.

Asserting Palette

Censored Bars

Colored Lines


Gauge Theory

Inkblotted Weave

Stabilizing Bars

The Writing Between the Lines