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BMMA9 - Bruised Monitors Modern Art 9

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Like its predecessors (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8, this collection's works are all from monitors with a kind of defect I call a bruise - a gradual, and usually slight, discooration, rather than a crack or dead pixel. To start off, the first work of note is Zigzag Steps, a relatively concrete work with six notable spots moving up through the center of the image, alternating from left to right. These contrast with the background, and seem to get both slightly smaller and slightly lighter as they approach the top of the image. Combined with the contours and shading of the background, and the horizon at the top of the image, this helps give the impression of depth. Next, Twin Wisps is a bright and straightforward work - two figures are portrayed, standing out in black against the yellow background, and both shaped similarly. Though it's largely unrelated to the subject of the work, the rough-paper texture of the background in this one is also quite nice. Bird Trail is another relatively concrete work, with the 'wings' clearly visible as scratches portruding from the side of one of the central bruises. The other bruises that extend from it are shaped so as to give a sense of direction and placement; the bird's beak is to the left, and is small and covered by what seems to be its body, thus implying its movement is away from the viewer. Meanwhile, the tail - or trail - to the right also contributes to that impression, seeming to be left behind. By contrast, Related Flecks is relatively abstract, albeit straightforward. The relatedness to which the title refers is the color of each fleck, though that's tinted by the shading in the background - dark stripes that swing through the image seemingly randomly. The color contrast of the work is impressive, and both the foreground and background colors are unusual for this gallery. But my personal favorite work this week is Chevron Constellation, a very straightforward work. It's very dark, but there is color to be found in the background from a close look, giving the impression of a busy, faraway nebula as a backdrop to the stars in the foreground. Meanwhile, the central focus is taken up by six pints of light, arranged into a chevron shape. Please enjoy!

Beach Footprints

Bird Trail

Chevron Constellation

Related Flecks

Twin Wisps


Worm Corpse

Zigzag Steps