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VSMA - Varying Scale Modern Art

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The theme of this collection is the contrast between the overall scale of the various works in it. There are very small works, such as Mirage Camp, a pixel art work with a yellow-ted tint overall, framed with its subject seeming far in the distance. The way the background recedes into light towards the center of the work, and the shimmery outlines of the structure in the center help to accentuate the far-away, mirage-like appearance of the subject. On the other end, a bigger work is Whale, a more concrete work portraying exactly that shape, compose of white and cyan lines against a green background. The shape mostly comes across through silhouette, and while the background is largely solid, it is also absent of any details that could give context to the shape in the foreground. But whales as a subject matter are, I find, inherently interesting on their own. A more moderate-scale work can be found in Grounded Meteor, a rough blue and violet work with an unusual artistic style on display in how its lines are drawn. The method of shading the background is unusual as well - it's a variant of dithering, but that style is uncommon in this gallery. Overall, the color transitions in the backgroundand the contours in the foreground give a weak sense of motion for the meteor portrayed, as though it is now at rest but was not always so. Berg Echo brings with it an impressive vagueness that makes it seem reflective and transient, as if viewed through a mirror, diffracted to be a bit less sharp. The two-sided nature of the work complements this, by making the work appear to be reflecting itself - the left side is lighter, made up mostly of white vertical bars, whereas the right side is darker and more smooth. But my personal favorite work this week is Colored Calligraphy, an artistic and simple work that defies the normal conventions of Modern Art in this gallery by not even being focused on bruises or cracks, but on scuffs. As a result, the contours and strokes seem much more natural, yet are able to receive the advantage of soft, colorful substance; and, if you look closely, they share the texture of the background, indicating that there is a clear layer protecting them from the viewer. Please enjoy!

Berg Echo

Colored Calligraphy

Corner Stabilization

Grounded Meteor

Mirage Camp

Thin Rainbow Strip