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MAAC - Modern Art Active Contemplation

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The theme of this collection is somewhat all over the place, thus leading to an overall title that is vague enough to represent almost anything, if split into its component parts. Starting off, Half Digital is a reference to the Full Digital Modern Art series of collections, which tend to emphasize a particular visual style of glitchiness instead of the normal cracked monitor archetype. This work is half of each, with the lower-left suffering from that same Full Digital glitchiness, but the upper-right seeming more like a typical work. Thus, half-digital. Next, The Deep follows in the tradition of a few different past works which referenced the idea of "the Deep". A commonality between those works in a focus on shadows and vague shapes, which are the elements that comprise most of this image. There are strange, colored lights and lines that stand out, amidst a largely black background that begins to fade to green towards the top, and altogether the impression is not so much of a hostile place, but of an alien one, very far away and deep down. Hungry Skull is a very interprative work, and its title refers to only one particular interpretation - that of the golden lines making a skull shape, and that skull opening its mouth towards the folored lines in the top-left. Of course, this interpretation leaves other elements of the work unexplained, most notably the area of blue light towards the bottom of the work, and if considered from another angle could certianly imply a different perspective. Inexorable Confidence is a colorful and forceful work, split into two sections. The bulk of the image is taken up by a strong red background, covered in consistent horizontal lines in magenta and yellow, which give it stability. Towards the right is a convergence of ripple waves, all emphasizing a little black blob in the top-center of the work. Though the upper-right of the work remains as yet uncovered, the impression given is that the conquest of that area is ongoing and will certainly find completion. But my personal favorite work this week is Indecisive Bolt, a small-scale and calm work composed of a single zigzag-shaped scratch against a gradient background, red on the left and green on the right. Each side has its own aura, from both the intensity of its color and the style of its shading - the green side is softer and more gradual, whereas e red side fills in more erratically, and dithers into black. Meanwhile, the center of the work cannot seem to choose between them as it veers back and forth, wider and wider going from top to bottom. Please enjoy!

Half Digital

Hungry Skull

Indecisive Bolt

Inexorable Confidence

Magmatic Trace

Ripple-Blocking Spike

Slapdash Restplace

The Deep