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MDMA - Misty Digital Modern Art

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This collection is a successor to the various Full Digital Modern Art collections, and at its core is the same type of collection as those, drawing all its works from one continuously changing monitor. The change with this collection is the motif of mist that permeates each of the works in this collection. Starting off, Dark Mist as a Veil serves as an example of how this collection combines the usual FDMA motifs with mist - the blocky, digital-style background is clearly visible, but is obscured by horizontal black bars and a pervasive fog that obscures the top of the image and mutes the center and bottom. In contrast, Entities of the Mist is vague and imprecise, with something of some sort visible through the misty foreground but shadowed enough that telling what exactly it is is impossible. The work is overall mysterious and subdued. Next, Mist-Covered Range is colorful and provides only the vaguest impressions of its Full Digital base. That base provides a structure of faint horizontal lines behind the vibrant foreground, however, and provides a mild grading and sense of depth that hints at something hidden just out of our view. Similarly, Luminescent Mist is indistinct and ethereal, with a bright foreground and a dark background. But this work's texture is different from those around it, more indistinct and less sharp, to the point that it almost seems like a collection of will-of-the-wisps. A digital texture is just barely visible beneath the bright areas in the bottom half of the image. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Gates in Mist, the single work in this collection with the strongest composition overall. The mist in this work is clustered towards the bottom, leaving the gates defined in blue and magenta vertical lines to rise above. This gives the impression of height and magesty, and more so as the gates open to reveal...something, in the middle. What lies through is yet unknown. Please enjoy!

Bounded Mist

Dark Mist as a Veil

Entities of the Mist

Gates in Mist

Luminescent Mist

Mist-Covered Range

Mists Approaching Beams

Misty Ribbons

Tower Obscured By Mist