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MAIA - Modern Art Interaction Attempts

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This week's collection is built around the theme of interaction, or attempted interaction - simply, the process of trying to affect change in something else. Taken this way, it's a broad concept, which allows for variance in how this collection's works approach it. Starting off, Inkfinger is a deliberate, negative space-focused work that uses heavy shadowing around its areas of negative space in saturated purples and blues. The brush against the figure at the bottom of the work is delicate, an impression aided by the warm colors of the background, just barely visible at the left edge of the image. Next, Miniorganisms follows similar design cues, in how it combines the motifs of horizontal lines, vertical lines, and negative space, but in this case it goes for an entirely different mode of construction. Instead, the black bodies are sharp and rounded, with pinkish offshoots that either connect to other organisms or simply fade away. The work has an air of curiosity and playfulness. Simple Display of Power is extremely simple and straightforward, as a work, and in that way it harkens back to the beginnings of this gallery. With a simple blue background and an eclipsing black foreground, overcut by colorful vertical lines and a figure orchestrating it all from the top-center, the work's overall simplicity contributes to its strong composition. Strong Localized Impact is a fairly solemn, contemplative work that uses just enough contours and faint lines to allude to some depth, but leaves it to interpretation nonetheless. The focus of the work, the impact site in the top-left area of the work, is impactful in how it radiates outwards, affecting less as the work moves further away from it. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Mending Cut and Bruise, a work that uses its foreground and its background to allude to the two parts of its title, respectively, yet which makes them work together seamlessly. It is almost like two works in one, though if either were to be removed the other would be far worse off for it. Please enjoy!

An Interaction of Frames

Attempted Radiance


Mending Cut and Bruise


Observance Vers Communication

Simple Display of Power

Strong Localized Impact