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WSMA4 - Wide Screen Modern Art 4

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Similarly to the previous Wide Screen Modern Art collections (1 2 3), this collection features monitors whose width is significantly more than their height. Starting right off, Apocalypse in a Crystal Ball is an evocative but fairly straightforward work. On each edge of the image is portrayed a sphere. The one on the left is dark and calm, where the one on the right is busy, frenetic, chaotic, with cracks orbiting and striking into the center. The ball on the right is the focus on the image, as implied by its title, whereas the ball on the left serves as a nice contrast. Next, Foreboding is a calm and simple work predominantly characterized by a relatively passive, yet saturated, red. The background, aside from its somewhat wavering texture, is marred by only two features: a thin column of dark red, towards the left, and a thick column of green, towards the right. That the consistency is broken up can perhaps be taken by the orb on the right edge of the image as a negative omen. The Witch-Queen's Garden is surprisingly effective in characterizing its subject with a limited set of tools. First, the work's contours do a good job of implying a flowing motion towards the right edge, and the way that the bottom-right area of green is shaped makes it seem like a dress for the figure whose head is defined by the light cracks all converging to a point. Then, that figure reaches back out to the left, casting a spell behind with a long, kinked arm. The work's title gives only one interpretation of the figure's identity and purpose. Aimless Feeling is abstract and calm, featuring a mostly cyan foreground, on top of which a dark figure floats, and behind which is a dull beige background. Inside the area of black are several thin vertical lines of various colors, which, due to their small height, feel squashed and lazy; meanwhile, they are somewhat paralleled by the longer bars hanging off of the top of the cyan area towards the right side of the image. Overall this picture does not seem to go anywhere, which is largely the point. But my personal favorite work this week is Uniform Static, which is self-explanatory. Its texture is consistent and repeated evenly across the work, with only a slight gradient with violet in the center and pink towards the edges giving it some more personality. However, the work still manages to be calming and engaging to look at in equal measure. Please enjoy!

Aimless Feeling

Apocalypse in a Crystal Ball


Open Book

Plan Against Consistency


The Witch-Queen's Garden

Uniform Static