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WSMA3 - Wide Screen Modern Art 3

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Just like WSMA and WSMA2, this collection is made from extra-wide-screen monitors. Starting right off, Preorganization is a hectic and fractured work, composed of many discrete segments, all with the same dense horizontal-line texture but offset from one another. Enough throughlines exist to keep the work feeling cohesive, and the way the segments get smaller as they approach the figure in the lower-left indicates some attempt at getting the mess in order is, perhaps, beginning. Static Moth is another active work, focused mainly on lineart. The subject is in the center-left of the work, the center of many cracks all focused inward, and surrounded by a discordant circle that warps the background behind itself. This is a display of power, reflected less intensely by the left half of the work. Downhill is a low-energy work, more typical of the compositional style of wide screen works. From left to right, the contour is gentle but consistent, with the foreground keeping a steady rhythm of gray stripes on white, and the background being less consistent, with gradual changes in color for indeterminate periods across the width of the image. Trail of One Inexorable is a curious work. The subject is on the very right edge, and leaves a thin trail across the top of the image, having presumably traveled across the bottom. The figure still seems to face forwards, off the edge of the image, and can even be interpreted as giving a dismissive gesture to the emptiness left behind them. But my personal favorite work this week is Lit Curtains, a simple and calming work with just the right balance of elements to feel inviting and comforting, relaxing but not boring. The two layers of slightly different shades of yellow, one reddish and one greenish, and the curved contour between them, helps keep the work interesting on a compositional level, while the vertical bars, fading into light in the foreground and yet emerging from shadows behind it in the background, lend the work stability. Please enjoy!


Imaginary Forest

Lit Curtains


Red Glacier, Green Sky

Rolling a Hill

Static Moth

Trail of One Inexorable