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MAFC3 - Modern Art From Contributors 3

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Over the years, I as the curator have solicited cracked screens from others, for eventual use when I otherwise start to run low on supply of art I can produce myself. This is the third such collection, following MAFC1 and MAFC2. All the screens in this collection were submitted by Drew VanDine, before they were edited into the works you see here. Starting off, Smears 3 is a successor to Smears and Smears 2, utilizing the same compositional archetype. This time, the various sections of the work seem more cohesive in texture, and other styles of shading and gradients are incorporated. In the solid area on the right edge, a pulse archetype is evident, but it's cut off on the right side by a more gridlike gradient from blue through the rainbow to yellow. Color Jail is a colorful but desaturated work with sharp texturing and shot from an odd angle - looking down on the bars that are its subject, instead of looking athtem straight on. The white vertical bars cast shadows on the background, which exhibits a gradient of several colors. Suspicious Sneakster is effective in communicating its subject's personality by way of textural contrast. The subject in this case, of course, is the figure in black occupying the left side of the image. The very left edge is composed of a solid, vaguely grainy violet that fades into black, whereas the middle of the image sees thin drips of red hanging down from the figure. And for contrast, the right side of the image, behind the hill that occupies the center is an orderly, vibrant background, about to be invaded. To Invite is also straightforward, the work creating the impression of movement from the top towards the bottom. There lies a figure with long, spindly limbs. Those few reaching up, instead of out, seem to be beckoning to whatever lies in the darkness of the work's background. And finally of note, Mixing the Background in the Foreground makes use of red, blue, and violet in various measures. As its title claims, the background begins as discrete bars of red and blue, separated by blackness, and continues to several bars of vibrant magenta. In the foreground, on the right half of the image, the work transitions to a solid purple, mixing together all the hues from behind it, accented with thin vertical lines of blue. Please enjoy!

As If Hatching

Color Jail

Guarded Rainbow

Mixing the Background in the Foreground

Perilous Circumstance

Smears 3

Suspicious Sneakster

To Invite