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Over the years, I as the curator have solicited cracked screens from others, for eventual use when I otherwise start to run low on supply of art I can produce myself. This is the first such collection, having been in the works for almost five years now - Modern Art From Contributors. Please view each work individually to see who contributed it. Starting off, the first of these I ever received was Shadowed World, a unique work with a digital texture qualitatively different from most of the other works in this gallery. The shading from the left section onto the right section is especially strong, with the thin horizontal row of red diamonds extending into the shadows working together with the more pronounced vertical lines in the darkness to denote it as a more substantive but also separate part of the world. Next of note is Nontense Sunset, a highly colorful and intense work. Its archetype isn't unique, but its execution is perfectly sufficient to be a satisfying experience, the fiery colors shining through and making the work feel warm and inviting. Infamous Tower takes a common archetype and makes it feel unique with an uncommon color scheme and a couple of interesting compositional tweaks. The background, especially on the right, is rougher than usually seen, with a fabric-like texture. The middle of the tower has a little cut in and bend backwards of one of the tower's edges, which disproportionately helps give the tower character and scale. But it's the solid gray color and smooth texture of the tower, contrasting the background, that makes it really feel distinct. Freshly Carcinized is a straightforward and concrete work: it portrays a crab. Or, at least, something crab-like. The background is completely white and empty, with blobs of black working together with cracks in the image to allude to thin limbs. But my personal favorite work this week is Smears, which uses a heretofore completely new compositional technique: Retouch Smears. The sharpness of the bottom-right corner and bottom-center of the image contrasts drastically with the smeared, blurry, almost liquidlike appearance of the background, making for an engaging and intriguing viewing experience. This is the first work of this kind in this gallery, but it will not be the last. Please enjoy!

Freshly Carcinized

Infamous Tower

Nontense Sunset

Overlapping at Slants

Shadowed World

Small Spider Enclave


Trendline With Variance