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UMPA - Uncertain Modern Pixel Art

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This collection of small-scale modern art is characterized generally by works with a somewhat tense, unstable mood. Starting right off, Tank Front is the most concrete of this collection's works, and seems to portray the front of a tank, with treads and gun. The background of the work is more dynamic than is usual for works of Modern Art, and the composition of its lines is unique thanks to the small scale - consistent, but with borders wavering and dynamic. Dotted Descent is a well-saturated work that is also reasonably straightforward, when read from left to right. The patterned background - not just a solid violet, but really a consistent dither of red, blue, and white - helps to contrast with and underscore the solid colors and borders if the foreground, tracing a path that gets longer and more consistent towards the bottom-right of the image. Frays is a largely empty work, focusing mainly on a few small gnarls towards the top against a colorful but otherwise uninteresting background, hanging off of a straight black horizontal bar. These red knots are not at all uniform, giving the impression that they are imperfections sticking out; the reddish tint of the black bar towards the center of the work supports the idea that the frays branch out from it. Dissuasion is dark and severe, a saturated red making up the bottom edge of the work and quickly dissipating into vague yellow and finally an indeterminate dark gray background that continues to the top of the work. The moire effect really helps add depth here. The subtle shifts in color - the yellow highlights in the background towards the bottom of the work, dissipating and homogenizing towards the top, help to connect the background and foregroud. But perhaps the most peculiar work this week is Bar Graph, which is very straightforward - bars of verying lengths along the bottom, against a calm background which is cyan-green towards the bottom, to contrast with the bars themselves, and gradients up to a magenta-blue at the top. The height of this work helps to emphasize the scale, and perhaps to imply that there is more to the graph to either side, perhaps to take advantage of the space - or, possibly, to simply emphasize how short each data point is. Without axes, it's impossible to be sure. Please enjoy!

Bar Graph

Bring Fragile



Dotted Descent


Phallic Inverse


Tank Front