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WSMA2 - Wide Screen Modern Art 2

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Like its predecessor, this collection is filled with extra-wide-screen monitors that were cracked, giving them a much wider aspect ratio than standard. Starting right off, Cloistering introduces a few motifs common among this type of work - first, the thick vertical bars extending from the bottom of the screen, and second, the particular spiral/circle-shaped set of cracks that make up the main subject of the image. In this particular case, that area of the work separates itself from that outside in its increased visual complexity, from little pixel artifacts around the edges to a wider array of colors and tighter vertical lines, culminating in the squeeze in at the center. This figure seems to be protecting itself against all outside its bubble. Distant Hope is a much quieter work, contemplative and not very colorful. The wide vertical bars in the foreground help make it seem monotonous, with the apparent areas of interest seeming to be far off in the distance of the background, tiny lines of color unreachable from our vantage point. Complexity Filter is the most colorful and busy work in this collection, densely-packed vertical and horizontal lines crisscrossing each other continuously. The work's name comes from how the horizontal lines seem to get slightly thinned out towards the right side of the image, after passing through successively wider and wider vertical black bars. Or, if you prefer, the reverse. Long Gradient is another simple work, with a very calm yet pretty vivant palette. It's exactly what its title claims it to be - a reddish brown at the bottom-right corner, fading into light green at the top-right corner, fading through yellow in the middle. The texture also participates in the gradient, a rough digital texture accompanying the brown and a vertical-line texture imbied in the green. But perhaps the most interesting work this week is Invoker Duel, a work with motion, depth, and a good balance of action and simplistic design. The two figures stand out easily against the background, and seem to mirror each other, with the bars in the foreground and the shading of the general area making the figure on the right seem to be slightly further away. It has summoned something above itself, cracks of energy directed towards the other figure, but the figure on the left remains resolute. Please enjoy!

Behind the Black Curtain


Complexity Filter

Distant Hope

Invoker Duel

Long Gradient

One Blooms

Rolling Mechanical Hills