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MAOM - Modern Art Of Motion

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The loose theme this week is of motion, in some form - the beginnings, the act itself, or the aftereffects thereof. So, starting straight off, the first work of note is Goose Taking Flight, a relatively concrete work with the subject framed in silhouette against a bright white background fading into a fiery red towards the work's edges. The goose's outstretched neck thins so as to become invisible between its torso and its head, and its wings are stretched out behind itself. Making a Wheel is an inactive work without much feeling, with a calm but not too calm aqua-colored background, and a foreground with gentle cuves contrasted by stark, straight lines between them. This is another of those works that is more interpretive than concrete, and the interpretation to which its title leans is a figure in the upper-left spinning those vertical lines into a more circular shape. Happy Face is extremely literal, and honestly, out of character for this gallery, but it is sufficiently loud and noteworthy that it bears mention. In addition to the face itself, the background's change in color helps give it more tone, especially the darkening around the mouth, and fade from yellow to green towards the top of the face. Rigid Against Chaos contrasts two styles - a regular series of horizontal lines between red and black, in the foreground, and a digital style of colored bars and vertical lines in the background. The entire work is faintly overlaid with ripple waves, but they are more evident in the background - the foreground stands resolutely without changing form or color. But my personal favorite work this week is Scraped, a grainy work that is easier to understand when viewed from afar rather than up close. The compositional style os overall extremely unique, with the rough grainy texture blurring the cracks beneath. The work's title is derived from this effect, how in a scrape - as opposed to a cut - a wound is more gradual and mixed with its surroundings. But in terms of coloration, this work entirely separates itself with a soft, if not entirely easeful, green palette. Please enjoy!

After Irradiation

Fitful Reserve

Goose Taking Flight

Happy Face

Making a Wheel

Redpool Waterfall

Rigid Against Chaos