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UPMA - Uneven Patterns Modern Art

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This week's works are generally on the abstract side, with more regular compositions than usual. As an overall loose theme, they either display or focus on patterns. Starting off, Rainbowed Peak is a bright and loud work featuring many colors. It's divided into two main areas, the background with bars of color, and the foreground with closer and more gradual changes in color, from yellow to green. Otherwise, its composition is actually pretty concrete and straightforward, relative to its title. Next, Stretched uses a similar textural composition to last week's Scraped, though with a different color scheme and a much less busy presentation. Here, it seems more zoomed in, and the dark areas that draw the eye's focus are smoother and less jagged, as if a smudge was drawn with a heavy brush rather than a scrape made with a precise one. Cutting Through Contrast focuses on two contrasting colors, green and red, and right in the center of the work is a stark black spike that slashes through both, from top to bottom. The continuousness of that spike connects the two colored areas despite their otherwise-clear border. Signal Chamber is cluttered with vertical lines, though surrouned on both sides and the bottom by an area of solid green. Those borders, and the contours towards the top of the image, help to contain the vertical lines and direct their momentum from side-to-side, giving the impression that they are echoing and moving within a confined space. My personal favorite work this week is Tablecloth Pattern, a totally straightforward yet completely abstract work which is comprised of just a single pattern repeating itself across the image. A close (or far) look will reveal slight horizontal bands of color, tinting different parts of the work more red, more green, and more blue respectively, but with such a regular pattern, it is difficult to notice and, if anything, helps to accentuate the monotony and consistency of the image at its core. Please enjoy!

Cutting Through Contrast

Rainbowed Peak

Scratch Footsteps

Signal Chamber


Tablecloth Pattern

Thin Line