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MAHT2 - Modern Art Human Tools 2

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Like its predecessor, MAHT, this collection takes a focus on what people have done in the world – the things we've created in order to help us create more. Many of these works are relatively abstract, even then. Starting off, Lens Cap is one of the most concrete works in the collection, and restricts itself to a blue and teal color scheme. The ellipse that makes up the left half of the work intercepts the horizontal lines coming from the right, blocking them with thick vertical walls. On the other side, none make it through. Another good one is Veil with Fewer Colors, a muted work made up of shades of gray, with little to differentiate the foreground from the background besides the vertical and horizontal bars that they respectively possess. Of note here, compositionally, is the unique shading style of the background, indistinct lines as it changes color from gray towards black. Funnel and Radiations uses tight, constrained series of cracks, expanding and branching out from a central column, as its focus, towards the right side of the image. These cracks provide momentum that is directed upwards and outwards, propelling a curtain of light through and in front of the darkness of the background. Hand from Nowhere lacks context but makes up for it with its concreteness and its sense of motion. It clearly portrays the middle of a scene, a hand reaching out from the bottom right, disconnected from anything, and moving towards the center of the work. What is goal is is unclear, but likely to be one of the other two black blobs in the image. But my personal favorite work this week is Daylight Bubblewater, a bright and bubbly work with a lot of identity and spirit. The dust archetype is put to good use here in a pool of aqua green and blue, contrasted against a dull gray foreground and a bright yellow-white background so as to seem like the most active thing in the work. Please enjoy!

Daylight Bubblewater

Delicate Pluck Preparation

Differ Methods

Funnel and Radiations

Hand from Nowhere

Lens Cap


Veil with Fewer Colors