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MADD - Modern Art Dusty Dark

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These works are either dusty or dark, or both. This is one of the looser-theme collections, as well as one of the more abstract. Starting off, Scribbler Amongst Scribbles is arguably a work of pixel art, with the individual pixels being individually visible. However, it's not made up of dead pixels like pixel art usually is - rather, what's on display in this work is deep, black scratches, randomly drawn across the image. A group of these scribbles towards the top-right seems to form a figure that creates more of them. Next, Tapping the Other Source is similar in theme to many other works of its archetype, with two areas of light on either side - one brighter than the other - and thin, wiry channels connecting them through the darkness. The disparity in lightness and activity between the two sides of the work implies that the lighter is draining the darker of its power and resources. Pools of Dust uses the dust archetype along with a green-aqua color to create areas that appear as pools, separated by an ordinary white hill. The horizontal lines towards the top of each pool seem to be lids, of sorts, boundaries fo keep the dust in - though the reasons behind this setup are left to the viewer's interpretation. Labour of Clearing is fairly dim, yet abundant with colored highlights that help to give it feeling and personality. The expressive shadows of the work, contrasted against the solid, jet-black background, imply dirtiness that must be cleaned off, and the general shape and momentum of the work brings to mind procrastination in that task. But my personal favorite work this week is Dune Wind, a soft, simple yellow-orange work that's extroadinarily simple in composition. The moire in the background helps give the work a sense of movement and activity, however slight, and is the feature behind its name. Please enjoy!

Backpacker in the Ether

Dune Wind

Labour of Clearing

Pools of Dust

Scribbler Amongst Scribbles


Separate a Valley

Tapping the Other Source