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MACO - Modern Art Cultivated Oversight

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As its title would imply, this collection's works focus either on cultivation, or on oversight, and the responsibilities that pertain to those things. Starting off, Hypothetical Garden is centered around the ring of green in the left half of the image. A roughly horizontal ellipse is cut off from the emptiness around it, with pools and lakes close by, ripe for cultivation; yet, with so much of the background completely black, and with the effect that the yellow-orange corners of the image provide, the scene seems unrealistic. Next, Alliance or Predation is a work with multiple possible interpretations. Throwing together several various compositional and stylistic archetypes, it portrays two different creatures interacting with each other, from somewhat of a distance. The one on top is offensive, while the one on the bottom seems more defensive; the colors and motifs between them give the situation a tense feeling. Measured Seawave does not incorporate ripple waves at all; rather, it's almost entirely filled with vertical lines, albeit with the most important part - the area at the top - entirely bereft of them. The area of vertical lines is uneven, bubbling up and down across the image, and yielding to the teal background in an abstract yet meaningful way. Uncomfortable, Awkward Embrace is evocative but extremely abstract. Blackness seems to curl around an area of white, so bright as to almost be impossible to see the details of, but fading away just out of the blackness's clutches to reveal an alternating pink and blue background. But my personal favorite work this week is Eldritch Infant, a fascinating, bright work that simultaneously gives the impression of extreme youth - infancy - and yet does not appear to portray a child at all. The interpretation this work's title alludes to is that it is an infant being portrayed here, but one that is eldritch, unknowable and ununderstandable on a fundamental level. Please enjoy!

Alliance or Predation

Compassionate Inaction

Eldritch Infant

Hypothetical Garden

Impossible Cleaning Effort

Measured Seawave

Tightly Choreographed Unclarity

Uncomfortable, Awkward Embrace