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MAGE - Modern Art Gentle Enthusiasm

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These works are overall positive and active, but not so much as to compel action - they are gentle, relatively calm and constrained while remaining expressive. Starting off, Canine Yearning is mostly dark, with bright horizontal lines piercing the dark area up to a soft reddish background. Some equally black figure obscures the dark part of the background, however - a figure with ears, and a snout, the rest of whose body continues out of frame. It looks out upon that which is before it, longing. Swim on a Bluff is a peculiar work because it portrays a peculiar phenomenon: trying to swim in the ground. The figure at the top of the image appears to be succeeding, one way or another, but whatever surface it swims on also seems to disappear right in front of it, as the column of light cyan disappears in favor of a bright red. Relaxing and Speculating is predominantly a beautiful purple color, restrained and calm while yet being detailed and inquisitive. The borders of the foreground are curved and erratic, though all moving in one direction, and interrupted randomly by vertical lines; this work makes clear that the moment is not currently active, but that plans are being made and things are still in motion. Glide Plummet sees a figure diving downwards, a sharp beak leading the rest of a triangular body, against a green backdrop. A black ground waits beneath, but an area of light rests beneath the gliding figure, with a contour that seems to imply its future movement, pulling up and flying above the ground. But my personal favorite work this week is Arbitrary Flits, a rough and metallic, not to mention abstract, work with a distinct style. Black figures with yellow and green borders and highlights move through some expanse, their directions unclear and their intentions moreso. From the left, more seem to follow. Please enjoy!

Arbitrary Flits

Canine Yearning

Glide Plummet

Joining Bright Company

Relaxing and Speculating

Swim on a Bluff

Unflinchingly Phallic

Upto Standout