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MATC - Modern Art Tentative Caution

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Here are displayed works that display or encourage a cautious approach, in or to their subject matter. Starting right off, X-Rayed Mountain portrays a lumpy hill or mountain range, shadowed in darkness against a calm, light yellow background. However, one part of this range is visible, even through the darkness; it seems perfectly vertical, a cross-section, and if we were to see it up close we might see a bunker or a cave system - exactly what this is is left to the viewer's interpretation. Layers that Aren't has several layers, yet is relatively flat. From a horizontal perspective, the background has a layer of dark green over one of sandy violet over a lighter green, and in the foreground a few areas of black sit atop separating areas of color. And yet, this work dares to ask the question: What are layers? And what aren't? Catseye in Darkness is relatively straightforward; it's dark, and there's a single vertical line segment in the middle, surrounded by hints of an ellipse, that resembles the pupil of a cat's eye. The context of this image, the absence within the blackness as is implied by the few things visible on the outsides, are the most interesting part. It Hasn't Spread Yet is dull and abstract, but straightforward at the same time. The contrast between the active left side of the image and the relatively barren right side is the focus of the work, with the right side's green background being increasingly narrowed and interrupted by vertical lines as it moves left. Are these an infection, or are they a shield? And finally of note, Pulling the Wall Away is simple and straightforward. The metallic gray object that takes up most of the left half of the image is shaped and shaded in such a way so as to imply that it is being pulled by the figure in that bottom-left corner. Behind it, making up the right half of the image, is a red-tinted darkness - foreboding, especially in contrast to the lighter pink background of the left side - the outside. Please enjoy!

Casting through Influence

Casts of Inquisity

Catseye in Darkness

It Hasn't Spread Yet

Layers that Aren't

Pulling the Wall Away

Taurus Remnant Monster

X-Rayed Mountain