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CSMA2 - Color Splash Modern Art 2

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The first Color Splash collection was a long time ago, and featured works that were, for the time, vibrant and multicolored more so than usual. Some of the gallery's featured works - Hidden Mysticism and Pulse Effect - originated in that collection. This collection takes a more modern approach to the same idea, picking and choosing specific works for their focus on multiple colors, eschewing structure as a background concern. Starting off this week, Pigmented Dust is the work containing the most colors, going through almost the entire rainbow at various points, and bringing it all together by using dust and the associated rough style of shading. It appears as though the dust itself is colored, and has been strewn around and slightly mixed together, and that we are seeing the result of that. Fountain is simple and straightforward, keeping an unstructured composition with no actual lines or cracks; however, it uses a dithering shading style to draw its own borders and lines, and uses particular shading and gradients to imply the spray of water from a fountain, up through the center and down through the outside. Beams of Hue is just color in horizontal bars, combining blue, violet, magenta, and a soft orange together in one work and fading between them gradually enough and with sufficient grace to make them seem as though they belong next to each other, rather than clashing. Anger at Color uses a faint ripple wave combined with an alternating-dots shading style, through which it tints itself in many different colors. The black areas towards the top-left, resembling angry eyes, clash in style with the rest of the work, both in terms of texture and in their lack of color. But my personal favorite work this week is Interesting Vertical Bars, a completely unique work with an entirely cohesive metallic texture, a casual gradient incorporating three secondary colors, and a striking, stoic physical composition. The vertical bars alternate between dark and light in a fixed, consistent pattern, with a gradient in each one moving from dark on one end to light on the other. In one horizontal channel is the focus of the work's lighting, where these gradients reach their lightest. This is one of my favorite works in this entire gallery so far, even after hundreds of collections. Please enjoy!

Anger at Color

Beams of Hue

Forestry Mist


Interesting Vertical Bars

Pigmented Dust

Pigmented Sand

Unrealistic Picturesque