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MABI - Modern Art Building Impact

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This collection focuses on two things: building, and impact. As with many collections, these two principles can be, and are, broadly interpreted by these works. Starting off, Two Wire Towers lives up to its name, being comprised entirely of thin, deliberate lines that are garish and bright in color. The completely black background emphasizes the towers while downplaying their colors and how they differ with those around them; those colors seem arbitrary, for whatever reason. Faint Impact is a cracked work at a very small scale, hard to see from up close. Its color is uninspiring, and its layout simplistic and unambitious; and yet, it has personality. The center of the impact, at the very center, seems pitiful, and the cracks splaying out from it are consistent and even. Combined, the work maintains a solid emotional identity. Deepened Pool is bright and warm, as well as being fairly colorful, slightly more so than most works of its archetype. There's not much to say about this one that isn't straightforward; one of its biggest factors of uniqueness is that it uses no primary colors, which is impressive given the array that it presents - red is there only in passing, and blue and green are nowhere to be seen. Powerful Burners is abstract and evocative, using the highlights at the edges of its black areas as allusions to the bright red flames that can be found at either side-edge of the image. There is little sense of movement in the work, which implies that all the flames and energy here is controlled and intentional. And finally of note, Interleaving a Home is interesting mainly thanks to its color usage. The background is covered in yellow horizontal lines, and thin blue vertical lines weave in between them, forming a contrast. The blue highlights on the figure in the foreground help to establish the blue as the intended-dominant color, the one that is being built against that background. Please enjoy!

Berg That Is Not Ice

Deepened Pool

Designing Weapons in Secret

Faint Impact

Interleaving a Home

Powerful Burners

Two Wire Towers

Widen to Structurize